Target Peg Board Kits

I am so excited about the peg board kits I found at Target's dollar section this week.  I'm going to use them for my writing and word work centers. 

Here is a picture of how I will display my task cards on them.  I plan to write a blog post later all about how I use them!!

HP Printers and the HP Instant Ink Program

For the past few weeks I have been researching printers.  I currently have an HP printer which has been great but it is about 5 years old, it is very slow, and does not qualify for the HP Instant Ink Program which I really want to sign up for.  After researching online, reading reviews from a variety of stores and asking many other teachers online I narrowed it down to the HP 5741 and the HP 8710.  After driving myself crazy I finally decided to buy the......

I am so excited to share that today I purchased a new HP OfficeJet 8710 printer.  It was on sale at Best Buy for $104.99 and included 3 months free for the HP Instant Ink if you sign up for the program during your printer set up.


It was very easy to set up.  It only took me about 15 minutes.  I have already printed a few things for fun and they look great.  I also tried a few photos which look amazing.  The picture below doesn't do it justice.

The two printers I finally narrowed down to were very similar and both had excellent reviews.  The HP 5741 is much smaller than the HP 8710.  I finally decided on the HP 8710 because of the speed and amount you can print.  The only difference I saw in the reviews was scanning.  Buyers said that they felt the HP 8710 scanning was clearer.

If you are going to sign up for the HP Instant Ink Program you can get a an extra month free with the refer a friend program.  Just go to to sign up and we will each receive a free month.  Or you can add the code fwppz into the promo code box at the end of your purchase to receive a free month. Now some of you still may be asking: 

What is the HP Instant Ink Program?

HP Instant Ink is an ink cartridge replacement service. To participate, enroll your HP Instant Ink eligible printer in an Instant Ink plan. The plan charges a fee based on the number of pages you print each month. The printer sends ink level information to HP, and when the printer runs low on ink, replacement ink cartridges are shipped to you. You do not need to purchase replacement ink cartridges from retail stores when you are enrolled in HP Instant Ink.

How do I enroll?

To enroll in HP Instant Ink, you need an eligible printer, an Internet connection, an email address, and a credit or debit card.

How much are the monthly fees?

HP Instant Ink offers multiple plans to choose from with monthly fees to fit any budget. Go to HP Instant Ink Ink to see which plans are available. Your monthly fee pays for ink, shipping, and recycling. The billing cycle begins on the day you insert your first HP Instant Ink cartridges in your enrolled printer. Your credit or debit card is billed 30 days after you insert your first HP Instant Ink cartridges. For example, if you insert HP Instant Ink cartridges on February 5, the billing cycle begins on February 5 and ends on March 4. The first credit or debit card charge is applied on March 5. The billing date cannot be changed, and the monthly fee is charged on the same day each month while you are enrolled.

You can pick a monthly plan that works for you and then start printing.  I personally picked the high plan of 300 pages for $9.99 a month because of the amount of printing I do for my classroom and with my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  The great thing is that the pages roll over if you don’t use them.  You can also change your plan from month to month since there are months which we all tend to print more!