Meet Toni

My Classroom BEFORE:

In my district we are required to take everything down and pack everything up each year.  They completely empty every room so I always try to get as much as I can off the floor to make it easier for our AWESOME custodial team!

Here are pictures of what my classroom looks like in the summer :)
Now here is my classroom for the 2016-2017 school year!
This is the view from the door when entering my classroom.

This is the view from the front of my classroom.

These are my new stations for reading and math.  The bottom shelves are
just part of my classroom library.
This is my writing station.

This is my new wall design that I am so excited about.  I have a brand new large magnetic
wipe off board in the middle that I will be using for reading.  On each side I have my rotation
charts for reading and math.  The groups are STARS for reading and STEAM for math.  It is
my version of the Daily 5 which I have been using for years.  You also see the kids book boxes
and some of my classroom library.

This year I made new color posters.  Each color has the English and Spanish word on the poster.

My number line.  I post the numbers from 0 to 20 with a directional font. 
I also post the English and Spanish words for each number.

I saw someone on pinterest use these storage containers for mailboxes.  They used a label with adorable clipart from TpT.  I decided to make my own using the photos I take on the first day. 
They came out so cute.  The kids love seeing their photo around the room!

We are Hedrich's Heroes so I use the super heroes for my weekly jobs.  I take photos on the
first day of school and insert their photo on the head before cutting and laminating.

Our Daily Schedule

My Calendar Wall

This is my computer station.
This is my new math magnetic wipe off board.  I also purchased new containers
to organize my math tools and manipulatives.

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