New Binding Machine

Just purchased my very own binding machine and I am oh so excited to use it! No more searching around to locate my school's binding machine. Imagine a binding machine where the combs don't constantly pop out of the holes. Here's what I got, GBC ProClick 50 - Binding Machine. I purchased it from Office Depot, it was $54 in store plus I used a 20% off coupon :-) You simply slide the moon shaped button (on top) to punch the holes. It can punch up to six pages at a time. The spines already come open in the box so all you have to do is add your punched pages to the binding spines. Then you can manually click the spines closed or use the little black tool that comes with the spines. The black spines come in different sizes, I purchased the 5/16" (can hold 45 pages) and the 1/2" (can hold 85 pages).

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