The Phone Calls and Emails

After Ashley arrived in North Carolina we were on the phone talking, texting and emailing everyday, sometimes several times a day. At first it was help with interviews but it quickly turned to help with setting up her new classroom.  Over the next year it was to share stories and ideas with each other. 

After hanging up one night I came up with the idea of starting a blog together. A few years ago I had my own teaching blog. I must be honest that I wasn't very good at posting very often.  I had so much going on between my own teaching career and my family that I did not put in the time I should have.  Earlier this spring I had already decided that I was really going to make it a regular part of my new school year for 2016.  I had been mapping out some ideas for myself and things I knew I wanted to share.  With Ashley teaching in North Carolina I knew that TOGETHER we could use our blog to share with everyone else as well.

Sisters to the CORE is going to share the similarities and differences of:

Toni                                              Ashley
veteran teacher (19 years)           3rd year teacher
New Jersey                                  North Carolina
First Grade                                   Kindergarten
10 month school                          12 month school

We hope that you will join us for a new and exciting school year!!!

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